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The Blu-Ray Disc has now been declared the winner in the High Definition Disc format battle. How is this going to affect Video Stores? We have put together some frequently asked questions to help guide you

  • Q: Are Blu-Ray discs made the same as the other discs or HD-DVD?
  • A: No, Blu-Ray Discs use a different frequency of light to read discs; they are not compatible with HD/DVD disc players or any other Blu-Ray disc readers.
  • Q: Is it true that Blu-Ray Disc is Hard Coated?
  • A: Yes, it turns out it is a great protector against the casual "light" scuffs and other light abrasions however they DO still scratch. The main difference is the data layer is very close to the read side of the disc, 8% deep in fact.
  • Q: Are Blu-Ray Disc Repairable? If so.. How deep of a scratch can you repair?
  • A: Yes, however it is important to know that a Blu-Ray disc has 8% protection layer compared to DVD's & HD/DVD that have a 50% protection layer and CD-Rom's & CDR discs, have a 99% protective layer. As mentioned the protection layer on the Blu-Ray is very close to the surface, if a scratch is as deep as 7-8%, it can actually penetrate the data layer, ruining it forever! Deep scratches on Blu-Ray can be FATAL to the disc!!
  • Q: Can you remove the Hard Coat from the Blu-Ray and then repair?
  • A: No, once you understand how Blu-Ray discs are made, you will see that the 8% coating layer is a single layer of hard coating. Therefore if you remove the hard coating layer you have reached the data layer. Therefore rendering your Blu-Ray disc unplayable.
  • Q: How do you repair a Blu-Ray Disc?
  • A: This is done by using a liquid polishing compound mixture that contains lubricants and cooling agents. The polish compound contains microscopic abrasives which polish the surface down slowly. It has to be done smoothly and evenly.

This is why the Disc Wizard Series 4 and it's especially designed compound has been developed to allow you to keep your valuable stock of Blu-Ray discs in mint condition.

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